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Saturday, Segerstrom and Sondheim, Not

October 31, 2011

The Orange Country Center for Performing Arts, specifically the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, pulled off a wonderful musical “The Show Must Go On” coup this past Saturday. The scheduled Stephen Sondheim “conversation” performance had to be cancelled due to the NYC snow fall which caused cancelled flights to LA. So the wonderful Mr. Sondheim was stuck in NYC. However host Michael A. Kerker, president of ASCAP, together with musical director Tedd Firth, and extraordinary vocal legends Christine Ebersole and Brian Stokes Mitchell, the show did indeed go on.
Kerker indicated at show’s open that Mr. Sondheim would join us by phone. Indeed, it worked. Sondheim chatted about what his show was to have been and what it would be. Cobbled together at the last moment was an extraordinarily wonderful selection of Sondheim songs of which he had written both music and lyrics.
Originally Ebersole and Mitchell were to sing only three illustrative songs. Treated we were to an evening of Sondheim with Ebersole sharing her interpretations of Sondheim classics such as “Send in the Clowns.” What clarity and pitch resonated from her vocal chords. Absolutely a joy to hear. Ditto Mr. Mitchell whose selections from “A Little Night Music,” “Passion,” and “Sweeny Todd” among others were stellar.
It’s easy to see why Christine Ebersole and Brian Stokes Mitchell were Sondheim’s first choices to join him in the “Conversation” turned night of song.
Great save by Kerker, Firth, Ebersole, and Mitchell. Exquisite evening with Stephen Sondheim’s musical personna. Gotta sing; gotta dance; gotta love Sondheim’s body of work.