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Pets At the Vets – Torn ACL – Part Five

September 18, 2011

Pets At the Vets – Torn ACL – Part Five.


From Where I Sit: On Ethics

September 12, 2011

While flying to Kenya two weeks ago, I had one of those great conversations you have with the person who winds up sitting beside you. This articulate, thoughtful lady is a tenured professor teaching “Business Ethics” to university level business students. What a great conversation we had about how woefully inadequate our society has become at teaching the very moral fabric that holds us together as a people. I beleive she also teaches a version of the class to journalism students. Much needed. Time flew.

Too bad more schools don’t teach ethics as it relates to helping our society — and not trying to steal the pennies off the eyes of the dead.

How does our great society remain great with so many narcissistic Right Wingers trying to destroy the cloth that weaves us together? Yes, this is just my opinion stated here, but I know it is shared by many on the “idealistic” and often “naive” left. Business students are told how to make money at any cost; profit the shareholders; appease Wall Street. Journalists are taught to rip the rumors from unnamed sources to “make a name for themselves.” The many Tea Party wanna-be politicians are too naive for words. Lemming-like, they follow Rush, Sean, Boehner,and O’Reilly right off the cliff, totally unaware of how unwitting they themselves are.

Did we not learn in our public schools of the sixties and seventies to think for ourselves? Hmm, I guess I’ve answered my own question. Yes, we of the seventies and eighties did learn to think for ourselves, to articulate what is truly important in life. Those who have come after have been so caught up in “getting into the right university” (read “business” school), pre-school (read “privately funded elites), performing high school level “social” responsibilities because it will look good on their school record rather than because it is the right thing to do, and let us not forget those who feel the need to look like a movie star (aka lipo, botox, breast augmentation, etc), that they have lost sight of what truly matters to society as a whole and civilization in toto.

It’s really not a bad thing to have a good heart coming from a good place to help the most with whatever little one has or can rally.