To Those of Us Who have Lost Our Mothers This Year…and Before

Some of us are stoic; some of us worn down;
Some don’t have the time to dwell, others too much to not.
Some were always too busy to do much more than they were doing;
Some felt they never did enough;
In truth did far more than anyone else in their mother’s life.

Some of us have sisters and brothers who shared our pain;
Some are only children with, hopefully, someone to share our strain.
All of us have had to go through our mother’s things after the fact,
decide what was important to them and is to us.
Where it should go. To whom. Why.
Things no one teaches us in history books.
Things they should have taught us about our herstory.
Things they should have put in books
Things perhaps we should put in books.
All of us learned things about our mothers that changed us.
All of us have learned our mothers were and will always be
THE most important women in our lives.

If your mother is still on earth, tell her how much you love her.
One day she will be gone to a place you can’t hug her except in your mind,
with your heart, your soul. It is not as satisfying.
If your mother has gone to explore the deep particulate physics of our universe,
Reach in to her with your soul on Mother’s Day. Thank her.
For everything you are and ever will be.


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