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Women Get What They Refuse to Demand: Rights.

April 25, 2011

Recently MSNBC ran an interesting article (URL below). We have a good friend (heterosexual male) who refuses to have his male dog fixed. His wife says he takes it too personally. So his dog goes to the dog parks or dog beaches and gets into testosterone-laden fights — trying to hump everything in sight. Suffice to say there are way too many humping/breeding dogs out there.

No wonder mostly “old” white male politicians guarantee that insurers “pay” for only what advantages them. Insurance companies pay either 100% (medically prescribed) or charge only a co-pay for Erectile Dysfunction. Yet, those same Patriarchical Right wingers don’t want to pay for contraceptives, abortion, planned pregnancies, or ED abrasions, yeast infections, etc — and are trying their best to overturn Roe V Wade and gut Planned Parenthood.

One might say that women will get what they refuse to demand. Rights.

I’m having a menopausal day. Oh, that’s not covered either until after the $5,000.deductible. If at all. Black cohash is over-the-counter, cash-up-front. If you don’t demand equal power and demand the right to maintain it, you lose it.