Death Be Not Proud Today

To Elizabeth Edwards: “There are names of famous and not-so famous women who come to mind. Over the years, each faced death with determination, a certainty that Death will win, but not at a self-defined cost of personal dignit…y. “Death be not proud today. You did not will out.” You have taken an angel who walked among us. Whose brave… face before us fills every sinew, crease, muscle with the kind of tensile strength that says no. Not on your terms. On mine. I say when. I control my life up tot he end. Not you. I say when. I say how. Not you. So know that it is I who made the ultimate choice. Now it is I who have begun the process of unterthering my soul from my body. My body from the earth. I will become so many molecules and leptons, quarks and neutrinos, that you will no long no me by my name. However I will know you. Those I had to leave behind. To you I pass the staff. Take up the causes. There are so many. Cancer. Men who run when they hear their wives have been diagnosed with cancer. Nurturing children left behind. Death be not proud today. You have stolen one of us, the brave unstoppable, unflappable, ever-onward, ever-spinning Knowing ones, but you have lost because she leaves behind all of her self, her proton, quark stardust self. It will cover her sisters and we will make cloaks from it. We will wrap ourselves in them. We will be ever more shielded from the cowards, the runners, adulters, the ones who said they would love us, who said they had our backs, who we trusted with out bodies, hearts, souls…our lips, our pride, and dignity itself. We will move on. Like Elizabeth Glaser. Barbara Jordan. Gov. Ann Richards. Anne Frank. Sylvia Plath. Virginia Woolfe. Mary Spottiswood Pou. You do not need to know these specific names. Just know that we all exist or have, and will again. And we will be mighty. And we will be formidable. Thank you, Elizabeth Edwards for everything you have given us.
Your always fellow stardust on the road to ultimate joy and understanding. Thank you, Elizabeth, for making the hard choices so others did not have to make them for you. Thank you, Elizabeth. From all of us in “Net world” who loved you. In peace, my friend. Sleep well. Thank you.” We have a chair for you to join us.


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