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Michael Jackson: “This is It”

November 1, 2009

From whatever bright star Michael Jackson is now astride, he can hold his head high. The consummate Michael film, it is also about the kind of fame that causes you to burn ever more brilliantly until there is nothing left.

It is as much about us: those who danced to Michael’s songs, sang his lyrics, watched the boy fame build, become the man he never wanted to be. We see glimmers of him in adult life. This is the first legitimate film made about who he was and is, and, should always be to us. The Peter Pan in all of us which just hides more than with Michael.

Mere words will have to suffice here. No words will ever capture the immersive experience in which you find yourself. No comparison can ever do this homage justice. It carries the dignity of “Chorus Line,” the youth of “FAME,” and the best of the “Making Of” documentaries. The film glistens with interviews of youth, hope, exuberance, pure joy and everything that must have been learned by working with Michael. The best dancers of the world were personally chosen to share Michael’s stage. The best choreographers, lighting designers, costumers, musicians. From frame one, you know this is it: Michael’s world.

Everything in this respectful ode is bigger than life. Everyone is extraordinarily respectful to the King of Pop and rightfully so. His being burns so brightly that he is the stage, audience, lighting, costumes, special effects. Immediately the audience is taken with the sense that Michael is actually the energy of a rising star somehow contained within a single human form, trapped in mere bones and skin.

As Michael says about a movement, “It’s got to sizzle.” In “I’ll Be There,” we see atoms dancing, spinning about their electrons. MJ simmers and explodes. We get a sense of the ephemeral and effervescent being pulled to infinity.

Perhaps no one really was allowed to know who this phantom was his fans came to expect in lieu of the little boy we first met. Which is why when we see him totally in control, fully, supremely in command of this “other” world from the first moment the edit cuts to Michael to the last, we know him best or at least as close as we will ever come.


Michael Jackson: “This Is It” Burns Brightly

November 1, 2009

Michael Jackson: “This Is It” Burns Brightly

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