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We went to see a dog today

April 20, 2009

We went to see a dog today.
She needed a home.
A sweet girl, beautiful really, found running Rialto streets, confiscated by the PD, turned into the kill-dog pound, rescued by Liz White’s “Retriever & Friends” a rescue group. The ad on the web said Sara was well fed.
Some manners. She could sit.
Not enough.
Our Casey is well fed.

Kenneled Sage, a tiny Shep mix, shook. Flinched. Afraid.  Clinging. Startled. She calls herself Grandma Doggie and tells Sage’s age old story.
Her friend had lost her job.
Soon lost her house.
Committed suiciide.
How many stories are there like this?
Owners of houses foreclosed through no fault of their own, loss of car, tv, job.
They cling to their dogs. Mutts, purebreds, hybrids.
Doesn’t matter. They are unconditional love.
The very personification of life.
Dog is God spelled backwards.
The last thing to lose before they kill themselves.


Susan Boyle! Diva!

April 15, 2009