Andras Schiff plays Beethovern Opus 90, 101,106

The man was not his best this evening. He seemed remote. Distant from his instrument, foreign to his keys. Without intermission (big mistake), Schiff dutifully delivered a performance that might well have been phoned in.  I heard murmers as we left Disney Hall that some thought it was the “Beethoven.” Others felt it was Schiff, a man seemingly adrift in the beautiful Disney Hall of wood wherein the sheer beauty of the many grains and warm cherry, mahogany, and umber stains should elevate a man’s soul — not overwhelm it.  While my opinion is merely mine, I hold to the conclusion that Schiff did little to bring to the fore any heartfelt resonance with the music.

What if music is nothing more than clusters of particles? Constantly in motion, changing from positive, negative or neutral status? Constantly clumping in new, ever changing combinations of infinite proportion? And all in need of direction and flow that emanates from the music maker? What if Schiff had little direction this eve? One would say shame on Schiff for not rallying from within to give his audience their due: his soul on fire.


One Response to “Andras Schiff plays Beethovern Opus 90, 101,106”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Sound is a mechanical wave which results from the vibration of the particles through which the sound wave is moving. Considering the discussion of Particule Physics, my imagination explodes with the possibility of undiscovered or unheard sounds. Since sound is created by the particles that it vibrates, infinate variations are possible depending on the particles impacted and put in motion. If 95% of the world is unseen then it is possible that 95% of all sound waves are unheard and are yet to be discovered.

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